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Meet Morisha


Morisha Ogunkoya is a dynamic self-starter with a passion for helping her clients find the perfect place to call home. Growing up near Santa Cruz as the daughter of a custom home builder, Morisha has a keen eye for craftsmanship and the aesthetics of a home.

“I grew up around many home designers, artisans, interior designers, architects. I love the small details; textures, smells, light and colors and the feelings they can evoke in a home.”

Morisha takes great pride in getting to know her clients inside and out so she can help them determine their needs and match them with their perfect home. She has earned the respect of peers and clients who appreciate her loyalty, persistence, empathy and her out-of-the-box thinking. Morisha’s extensive worldly travels since age 17, combined with 15 years of living and working in Brooklyn as a business owner and designer, have given her an indistinguishable and unique ability of navigating complex negotiations, problem solving and closing deals with ease.

She returned to California five years ago and loves living in Sonoma County with her husband, a local physician, and their two young children. In her free time, Morisha enjoys traveling, cooking, pottery, riding horses, wine-tasting and nature.