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What moves you?

The mix of memory and the
promise of what is to come?

What stirs you to take that leap?

That leap of faith.

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Attention to detail.
And the big picture.

See what and where
and how to get what you want.

hedge realty

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As a buyer’s agent, hedge realty is extremely
knowledgeable not only of existing listings,
but with finding homes before they hit the market.

Have you pictured in your mind
what moves you?

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As listing agents – whether entry level, historic, luxury or

country estate — we will present your property at its very best.

hedge realty knows marketing is a key component to our selling strategy.

With honed instincts and bespoke grace, we know the advantage of producing
fine-tuned and well-crafted marketing.

It catches the eye.

It makes people think. It moves them.

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Our network is an extensive network of top agents that branches out all across the country. As well as a polished network here in the North Bay- Sonoma and West Marin.

Branches, roots and the soil we stand on.
Knowing the nature of the marketplace.

We will make sure you will find yourself at home. In a great home.

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Let Tim Little & Alexa Glockner
be the ones to move you.
You deserve the best.

Alexa Glockner
DRE# 0132009
(415) 710-3663

Tim Little
DRE# 01910516
(707) 849-9570

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